Using Grammar Bahasa Inggris Application in Increasing Students’ Grammar


  • Maryati Salmiah Universitas Islam Sumatera Utara


This study was conducted to determine the effect of using grammatical Bahasa Inglis in improving simple present tense grammar observed and analyzed in grade 10 of MAN 1 Labuhanbatu Utara. The method used in this study was quantitative. The researcher randomly sampled 16 of his college students for this study. The sample for this study consisted of his two groups of 8 students in the experimental group and 8 students in the control group. The author performed a pretest before treatment. After the pre-test, students in the experimental group are taught how to use grammar in English, while students in the control group are not taught any English lessons. After treatment, a post-test will be performed. It was then analyzed using the t-test. The results showed that the t-test is higher than the t-table, t-test (t0) > t-table (tt) (2.48 > 2.145). That is, Ha is accepted, but H0 is rejected. In summary, there is a clear difference in grammar between students using Grammar Bahasa Inggris and students not using Grammarly Bahasa English. The authors concluded that the use of Grammar English was effective in improving students' grammar, especially simple present tense.