ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Based English Learning Development Model in Improving Student Achievement of MAS Al-Amin Labuhanbatu Utara


  • Zainuddin Saragih


The main focus of this review is to describe descriptively and holistically about ICT-based English learning to improve the achievement of MAS Al-Amin Labuhanbatu Utara high school students in English as a whole. ICT plays an important role in the development of English learning methods with the aim of improving or perfecting the condition of student achievement, especially high school students. It is hoped that the development of ICT-based English learning can produce appropriate teaching models in learning English at MAS Al-Amin Labuhanbatu Utara. Furthermore, through ICT-based English learning products it is expected to be able to positively change students' behavior and thinking patterns so that various behaviors and thinking patterns are created, for example, the behavior of not wanting to be left behind, wanting to be fast, tolerant, critical thinking, and creative. Therefore, the proper use of information technology is a skill that is very much needed in the development of English proficiency at this time.

Author Biography

Zainuddin Saragih