Increasing The Writing Students’ Ability Descriptive Texts Through Four Square Writing Method In SMP IT Al-Afkari Deliserdang


  • Febrika Dwi Lestari Universitas HKBP Nomensen


Writing is a difficult skill for students at SMP IT Al-Afkari Deliserdang. This was confirmed by the results of a diagnostic test in SMP IT Al-Afkari Deliserdang, which showed that her 2nd grade paragraph writing skills were still poor. The students were not able to express their thoughts well in the explanations. A classroom behavioral study consisting of planning, action, observation, and reflection was used in this study. It was he performed in two cycles, each cycle consisting of her four sessions. The subjects of this study were 28 second year students of SMP IT Al-Afkari Deliserdang. The results showed that the student's average score was rated as 'fair' with his 66.52, while the cycle 2 student's average score was 75.26. The target result was achieved and rated as 'good'. Therefore, the researcher suggested to English teachers that he use the four-square writing method as one of the alternatives in classroom writing instruction, especially expository instruction.